Welcome to the Northwest Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) WikiSpace!

Northwest Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) is located in Rome, Georgia and is one of 17 regional programs that provide training and resources to school district personnel, parents of students with disabilities, and other interested individuals to support the achievement, graduation rate, and post-secondary success of students with disabilities. The programs are funded by the Georgia Department of Education, Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports, entirely with federal discretionary funds made available through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). Northwest GLRS works in collaboration with the NW Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) which also serves as their fiscal agent.
Northwest Georgia Learning Resources System and its staff, specialize in providing professional learning, technical assistance and on-going coaching and support to local school systems in northwest Georgia in a variety of areas related to educating students with disabilities including:
  • Providing Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) / Co-Teaching support to school systems
  • Assisting students with disabilities in making AYP
  • Analyzing data and providing support with identifying appropriate interventions
  • Facilitating math and reading projects
  • Implementing drop-out prevention initiatives
  • Supporting transition planning
  • Developing other specialties based on student needs related to indicators in the State Performance Plan
  • Providing information, support, and training to parents of students with disabilities
  • Collaborate with local school systems in Northwest Georgia to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities
  • Providing professional development to teachers and administrators of students with disabilities
  • Equipping teachers of students with disabilities with 21st Century Teaching Skills to effectively differentiate instruction while teaching the
Georgia Performance Standards

The vision of Northwest Georgia Learning Resources System is to help support teachers of students with disabilities in Northwest Georgia to become model 21st Century Teacher leaders that are content experts (GPS) and masters of differentiating instruction within challenging classrooms that result in increased academic performance and positive post-secondary outcomes which include transition to college, gainful employment, and independent living.
Be safe, be appropriate, be responsible and please make sure you remain professional and follow ALL your district policies and procedures.

Cassandra Allen Holifield, PhD.
Director, NW Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS)
3167 Cedartown Hwy. SE
Rome, GA 30161
Email: cholifield@nwgaresa.com
Telephone: 706-295-6189, ext. 17
Fax: 706-802-5166